About Snip

Snip is a one-stop hub for you to enjoy benefits from global brands, with up to 6% off at most major UK supermarkets, plus up to 50% off at other top retailers.

Launched on the 3rd January, 2024 by the Pick Media Ltd team; Snip joins our family of brands which also includes pickmypostcode.com, freemojilottery.com and winadinner.com. It's another way to help you through the cost of living crisis, but this time without the luck of the draw.

How does Snip work?

You'll find three different kinds of offers on-site. The most common are eGifts. You use them at a till exactly as you would if you'd been given a gift voucher, only you've bought it yourself at a discount.

Don't worry, we do the hard work of taking off the discount, you just need to enter the amount you want. For example, if your shopping bill comes to £100, enter £100 and you'll be charged £95 (assuming the discount is 5%). You can either buy them at the till when you know the exact amount your shop comes to, or you can load it like a prepaid card before you go to the shop.

There are also promo code offers, which you apply at basket, as well as regular click-through offers when a brand has a site-wide deal.

Why should you sign up to Snip?

Over the last two years food prices have risen by 27%, according to the Office for National Statistics. We want to help UK consumers who are feeling the pain of these rises by giving them access to real savings on their supermarket bills and at other retailers too. You won't have to wait for cashback or a receipt to be validated. You receive the discounts up front, in real time.

The average weekly food cost for the typical UK household is around £79, or £4,124 a year and up around 18% from a year ago (based on 2.3 people per household). Even with Snip's modest savings, the average UK household could snip between £164.32 to £246.48 a year off your groceries. Not to mention the discounts on hundreds of other brands; from Argos to ASOS, to B&Q and Uber, so you can save money one snip at a time.

Still not convinced? We're confident you'll love Snip, so sign up here to try free for 14 days.