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Snip is a paid subscription service that uses a simple eGift card system to help you save real money online and at the tills.

Reduce your weekly shop by up to 5% at some of the UK's major supermarkets and save up to 50% on selected experiences.

Still unsure? Check out our FAQ or try Snip for yourself with a FREE 14-day trial.

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About you
A subscription that works for you

We've partnered with GoCardless to manage subscription payments through the Direct Debit Scheme.

Signing up will start a FREE 14-day trial but when your trial ends you'll move to the subscription you chose below.

You'll be emailed when your subscription is first set up and it will then renew automatically. You can cancel anytime during the trial and are protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Saves £6

There are a limited number of free trials available and we're limiting them to one per person. Members will also need to verify their email address and set up a Direct Debit Mandate to receive full access to Snip.

Getting in touch

We are currently experiencing issues with Microsoft email services. Please check your junk/spam folder for the verification email. You can still continue with this email address if you prefer.

As part of the Direct Debit Scheme, GoCardless will email you when your Direct Debit has been set up and keep you informed of any changes.

Money-saving vouchers are delivered by email, so you'll also receive an email from our voucher partners each time you make a purchase.

Securing your account
Password Tips

Your password should be at least eight characters long and contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one number.

We're the product, not you

As a paid subscription, we won't sell your email address or personal data, but we do need to share a few bits of information to make things run smoothly.

This includes sharing your email address so that you can receive your vouchers and get a receipt when your subscriptions fees are paid.

You can read through all the details in our privacy policy.

You should also give our terms and conditions a read through before you sign-up, and understand how we use cookies.

Please note that Snip is currently only available to consumers in the UK who are able to subscribe via Direct Debit. Sorry for any inconvenience.