How to use Snip

You'll find three different kinds of offers on-site:

eGifts (in-store and online)
These are the most common way to make savings with Snip as they let you buy vouchers at a discount to supercharge your spending power. All eGifts can be used in-store, and some can be used online too. Please check the offer details before making a purchase. For more see our page on getting started with eGifts.
Promo codes (online only)
These are members only codes that you can be applied at checkout that give you access to exclusive member benefits like free gifts or extended free trials.
Click-through offers (online only)
When a brand has a site-wide offer, you can follow a link from Snip to the brand's website to qualify for exclusive deals, like discounted Apple devices and accessories.

How do eGifts work?

Don't worry, we do the hard work of taking off the discount, you just need to enter the amount you want. For example, if your shopping bill comes to £100, enter £100 and you'll be charged £95 (assuming the discount is 5%). You can either buy them at the till when you know the exact amount your shop comes to, or you can load it like a prepaid card before you go to the shop. The latter is helpful if you know your supermarket has poor signal, if you don't want to wait for your eGift to come through at the checkout or if you know your usual total for a supermarket spend. You can use your eGift at both self-checkout and staff-assisted tills. The eGift can be found in your emails, or in the Orders section of My Account on the Snip website after it's been purchased. Snip isn't just for whole denominations such as £5, £10, £20 or £100. Most of the eGifts (but not all) can be used for the exact cost of a shop. For example, if your weekly shop comes to £68.65 and there is a 5% discount offered, you would only pay £65.21. Saving you £3.43 on that week's shop. To do this, you would have to purchase the eGift once you know the cost of the shop. Obviously, this doesn't apply if you pre-purchase your eGift, only if you wait until checkout to buy yours for the exact amount of your shop. Once you have purchased the eGift card, it should be in your email inbox within seconds, or in the Orders section of My Account on the Snip website.

Who is Snip not for?

If you're someone who does all their grocery shopping online or has a similar discount scheme through your employer, then Snip might not be for you. However, it's not just supermarket savings that Snip gives you access to. If you do a lot of online shopping or are planning to make a big purchase such as home appliances or furniture, Snip could help you save in that way instead. Even if you’re not a shopaholic, it’s easy to see how the most modest of online shoppers could save.

How to use Promo Codes and Click-Through Offers

This brings us nicely to the other two kinds of offers you will find on Snip. Promo code offers, which you apply at basket, as well as regular click-through offers when a brand has a site-wide deal. These are both online-only options, unlike an eGift. These two kinds of offers will be updated regularly with new brands and seasonal discounts, so there's always savings to be had.

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